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Reitai-sai (Main Annual Rite) 例大祭
15th September 10am

Reitai-sai (Main Annual Rite) 例大祭

The Annual Ritual of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu lasts three days from 14th September to 16th September. The Main Annual Rite is the most important for the shrine, so various rituals and events are held during this period.

Yabusame-shinji (Yabusame horseback archery ritual) 流鏑馬神事
16th September 1pm

Yabusame-shinji (Yabusame horseback archery ritual) 流鏑馬神事

Yabusame was originated in middle of 6th century as a Shinto ritual. Today there are various styles and manners of Yabusame inherited by different shrines and particular families.

Suzumushi-Hojosai  (Releasing Bell Crickets) 鈴虫放生祭

14th - 16th September
Reitai-sai (Annual Major Festival) 例大祭
14th September 4:30am
Hamaori-shiki (Purification at the Coast Ritual) 浜降式
14th September 6pm
Yoimiya-sai (Evening Ceremony) 宵宮祭
15th September 1pm
Shinko-sai (Portable Shrine Procession) 神幸祭
23rd September 10am
Soreisha-shuki-reisai (Ancestral Shrine Autumn Ceremony) 祖霊社秋季例祭

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