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Calendar of annual rituals


The first Sunday
Sukeisha-taisai (Worshippers' Association "Enju no Kai") 崇敬者大祭
Sukeisha-taisai (Worshippers' Association

10am *Yabusame is cancelled this year.

Enju-no-kai is the association for worshippers of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. The members attend this ritual and pray the society will be vigorous, hopeful and cheerful. The Yabusame ritual is also held on this day. Many foreign diplomats and students are invited, and some of their children participate in the Yabusame ritual to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and tradition. This Yabusame is acknowledged as an important intercultural activity for the Shrine.


Kanname-hoshuku-sai (Ise Jingu Harvest Thanksgiving) 神嘗奉祝祭
Bunboku-sai (Sanetomo's Appointment as Minister Commemoration) 白旗神社文墨祭
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